Compulsory Purchase Assurance

aspire have made a substantial contribution to our PCE assurance, providing practical advice based on real world experience from similar programmes and with plenty of ideas on opportunities for us to explore.

Colette Carrol HS2 Land & Property Director

Established projects have found our assurance invaluable in comparing their current processes and procedures against industry best practice and delivering practical recommendations which can then be operationalised. This is a cost-effective way of building client capacity and avoiding making expensive mistakes.  The National Audit Office (NAO) deems project assurance essential:

to provide information to those that sponsor, govern and manage a project to help them make better informed decisions, which reduce the causes of project failure, promote the conditions for success and deliver improved outcomes.


aspireCP are the compulsory purchase assurance specialists.  In 2018 we were commissioned by HS2 to help define and develop a new approach to its Property Cost Estimate (PCE) and to provide independent assurance in response to the September 2018 NAO report. 

Our senior client experience means we are ideally placed to provide an independent and objective oversight of project performance, insight into what has worked elsewhere and recommendations on how to establish best practice delivery mechanisms. We have since provided a series of assurance reports for HS2 across all phases of the project and worked with the project to develop the concept of ‘real-time assurance’, as part of a collaborative client, supplier and assurance team helping to steer and assure outputs as they are developed rather that providing a commentary after work has completed.

For more details, please download our ‘Assurance Capability Statement’ below:

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