AFiRMS: Land Acquisition Software

land acquisition software

Working with TerraQuest we have developed the first bespoke land acquisition software system – AFiRMS (Acquisitions Financial Risk Management System). This market-leading product will track all aspects of compulsory purchase expenditure. It automatically provides real-time management information alongside dashboard reporting so our clients have the best tools for their job. 

The AFiRMS software system is designed to manage financial forecasting and risk management on all compensation claims, whether land is acquired by agreement, under compulsory purchase powers or for  site surveys, hardship etc. It has been designed to deal with the whole life cycle of a project from initial setting of the Property Cost Estimate (PCE) through to tracking individual compensation claims as negotiations unfold. It will reconcile draw down of each payment from the overall budget.

Our land acquisition software incorporates a QCRA (Quantitative Cost Risk Assessment) and tracks the crystallisation of risk as it develops through the project life-cycle. Dashboards on cash-flow and progress are configured for different user groups and show real time charts and tables to map trends and facilitate the interventions necessary to mitigate risk.  

The easy to use interface and enforcement of statutory rules and validation all ensure high quality data is available to managers. Live links to land referencing data make it easy to evidence progress in land acquisition from every party and track progress month by month with performance shown by supplier, category and stage in negotiations.

Being both web based and on a Microsoft platform means AFiRMS can be linked to both Stakeholder Relationship Management and client payment systems to provide a comprehensive compulsory purchase IT solution.

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