• Size: c.1,600 claimants
  • Value: £860m
  • Location: London & Home Counties
  • Status: Nearing completion
  • Client: Transport for London & Department for Transport
  • Role: Client-side delivery of land assembly strategy, service of notices and negotiation of all compensation as well as successful delivery of land-value capture
  • Team: Ian Lindsay, Adrian Maher

As Europe’s largest infrastructure project when built, Crossrail’s land acquisition was amongst the most complex ever undertaken in the UK.  With 118km of track and two 21km tunnels through central London, the land interests affected included London’s most economically important districts, as well as some of its most prestigious and historic urban fabric. With an initial Property Cost Estimate (PCE) of over £1billion, the land budget is now c.£860m and heading for close out within 1% of budget, despite acquisition of more than 40 additional sites and prosecution of three additional Transport & Works Act Orders.  Ian Lindsay was Crossrail’s Land & Property Director 2011-2018, responsible for exercise of powers, serving notices and taking possession of land in time for construction, acting as client/accountable budget holder and whilst Adrian Maher led the team responsible for the PCE, transactional negotiations and delivery.

Project Highlights:

  • Crossrail Act Powers Secured July 2008;
  • 11,404 notices served to acquire 150Ha of land and 10,000 cubic metres of sub-soil;
  • Early and ongoing engagement with claimants and careful stakeholder management;
  • More than £1billion of land value capture secured;
  • Settled more than 40 lands Chamber litigation cases.

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