Outline Planning Consent granted for Land Improvement Holdings scheme

The Houghton Regis Development Consortium has obtained Outline Planning Consent for the Houghton Regis Project and is now free from legal challenge. The Consortium are in the process of reviewing the strategy moving forward.

The development – Houghton Regis North Site 1 – HRN1 – is one of the UK’s most exciting housing-led sustainable urban extensions. Benefiting from superb parks, business and leisure facilities and excellent connectivity to the UK road, rail and air network, HRN1 will be a sustainable community bringing people together to enjoy both their living and working environment.

HRN1 will also contribute £45m to the A5-M1 Link Road; provide 2,450 new permanent operational jobs and a further 2,550 temporary construction jobs; help deliver the Woodside Connection; provide 3 new primary schools and a new secondary school; a supermarket and local retail; community and leisure facilities; offices and warehouses; and 78 hectares of green infrastructure.