Planning Consent Granted for Elmbridge Care Homes

aspireDM are pleased to confirm the granting of planning permission for a new care home and extra-care home in Elmbridge following appeal.

The proposal is to construct a single building which would be managed in two parts. The western part would provide a 32-bed care home, effectively re-providing the existing use on site, and on the eastern part would be 60 extra-care age-restricted residential apartments.

The Planning Inspector determined that the provision of an additional 60 extra-care apartments on the site would be a public benefit as well as the improvement to the existing facilities.

The existing Royal Cambridge Home buildings are no longer suitable for their current use given the lack of level access from the street, and the change in levels throughout the buildings. Narrow corridors and a number of short staircases making them unsuited for those with mobility issues. Some of the bedrooms and bathrooms are sub-standard in size while the communal areas are deemed to be sub-standard leading to operational difficulties with the kitchens and the distance to some of the rooms.

The Inspector further stated that the provision of purpose designed care accommodation to modern standards – supported under the Core Strategy – will be a significant public benefit and ensure the long-term retention of the facilities

The extra-care accommodation will provide 50% of the units as affordable housing,   secured via Planning Obligation

The proposal was deemed to comply with those elements of the development plan relating to supporting accommodation for the older population and will surpass the policy requirement for affordable housing

  • Development Manager:  aspireDM
  • Architect:                          PRP
  • Structural Engineer:         Price & Myers
  • Building Services:             Hoare Lea
  • Cost Consultant:               G&T