Property Cost Estimates & Claims Management

We will prepare a detailed Property Cost Estimate (PCE) for land acquisitions based on potential project phasing proposals and negotiation of claims with landowners.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic 2012 Park

Adrian has led the delivery of the GLA’s extensive CPO portfolio and done so with great efficiency and success. By outsourcing to his team … the GLA achieved very substantial cost savings, we had access to excellent expert advice and achieved very satisfactory settlement terms on the huge London Olympic CPO claims without undue recourse to expensive Tribunals.

David Lunts Greater London Authority, Executive Director Housing & Land

This Property Cost Estimate (PCE) will assess all potential heads of claim according to the ‘compensation code’ and identify and quantify budgetary risks, cash flow, opportunities to reduce cost or optimise the value of surplus land and other win:win solutions.

At first the PCE is inevitably a high-level estimate based on reasonable assumptions. But we will work with clients to continuously evolve the PCE, managing and mitigating the risks and maximising opportunities before claims are received.  We will put in place an evidence and risk-based engagement strategy with claimants and potential claimants to identify issues and costs early and negotiate away any objections to the CPO, thereby ensuring fair settlement of claims through our team of CPO experts/registered valuers.  We also have industry-leading systems which give our clients real time visibility of progress in meeting targets, cash flow, variance to budget and so enabling clients to manage PCE risk and ensure delivery within budget.

Aspire partners have been leading the reform of compulsory purchase engagement and negotiation  for the last decade. Adrian Maher sits on the board of the Compulsory Purchase Association and has authored papers for their law reform lectures of best practice on stakeholder engagement and driving the right behaviours between claimants and acquiring authorities.

We plan effective stakeholder engagement and community consultation for compulsory purchase and Public Inquiry processes, ensuring that public bodies will meet the requirements set out by the Public Sector Equalities Duty. Our consensual approach seeks to address individuals’ concerns and identify solutions to overcome objections. 

Our partners have set Property Cost Estimates (PCE) of over £1b and then successfully delivered the land to an average of 1%. We have developed the AFiRMS it system to assess and manage the PCE risks. In particular it manages the claim from cradle to grave including  the audit trail  on drawing down payments from the initial PCE assessment and  providing clients with real time dashboards on cash flow, variance and performance.

Our CPO experts and registered valuers conduct open and transparent negotiations to deliver settlements by agreement and in line with the CPO ‘Compensation Code’. We are also skilled in delivering land assembly solutions by agreement with land owners as well as following the exercise of powers. dispute resolution, and as a last resort have experience of successfully prosecuting Lands Chamber ‘Tribunal’ cases. Our partners managed over 100 litigation cases on the Olympics and Crossrail with an enviable track record of 90% settlements in our clients’ favour.