Royal Albert Docks

  • Size: 370,000sqm GEA office and 850 new homes
  • Value: In excess of £1.7 billion GDV
  • Location: Newham, London
  • Status: Completed 2019 (Phase 1)
  • Client: ABP London
  • Role: Development Manager
  • Team: Farrells, WTP, Hilson Moran, AKT II, Gillespies

aspireDM led an exemplar team obtaining planning consent for the regeneration of the 28 acre Site on behalf of Chinese developer ABP London. We provided a dedicated development management team focusing on local and regional planning and infrastructure for ABP and subsequently entering a delivery arrangement with CITIC to build out.

Gathering momentum on a scheme of this scale is always critical, especially on a site where several previous developments had lapsed. ABP London continue to successfully drive Phase 1 of the project towards completion and leasing, with significant capital investment made and commitments fulfilled to this point. The development obtained planning permission at the end of 2015 and work and enabling works on infrastructure and utilities commenced shortly afterwards, Phase 1 completed in 2019.

  • Importance of an enterprise zone led regeneration project of this scale cannot be overstressed; the social impact that successful delivery will have on the borough of Newham and the East End of London as a whole will be considerable.
  • Having a leadership structure in place which provides clear and consistent direction is critical to this success and the aspireDM team bought this quality to the development.

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